If you have a hunger for learning, and at this stage, when you don’t know where to start, this article is for you.

I want to help you by sharing some life-changing principles from my own experience that has made my learning path easier and interesting.

At this stage, which I am discussing here, you need to set your focus, goals, and habits; otherwise, you will give up on the first round.

It’s your lifestyle that must change, and if you do that, you will be amazed by the results!

If you use a blunt ax, you have to make…

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Most of the time we do not need to care about change detection until we need to optimize the performance of our application. If we don’t use it correctly its implementation can decrease the performance in larger applications.

In this article, I pretend to give you a well-explained description of what Change Detection is, why is it so important, and how to handle it in Angular.


Most of the frameworks use a kind of object representation of the DOM to optimize the updating process, figuring out what to change after every state manipulation and apply only those changes to the…

Para aquellos que siempre estamos aprendiendo, ya sea por nuestras carreras, estudios o retos personales, el aprendizaje es una gran necesidad. Todos los días nos encontramos con desafíos que muchas veces no sabemos cómo enfrentar, y aunque no queremos admitirlo, necesitamos ayuda.

Durante mucho tiempo estuve allí sin saber qué hacer. Todos necesitamos orientación, por eso hoy me gustaría ayudarlo compartiendo algunas metodologías y algunos conocimientos que, según mi propia experiencia, han hecho que mi camino de aprendizaje sea más fácil e interesante.

El cuchillo

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Si usa un hacha roma, debe hacer un doble esfuerzo, por lo tanto, afile la…

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